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        ♣Hay je m'appelle Safa j'ai 16 ans je suis marocaine j'aime bien faire des travaux sur photoshop ( Graph.anime ...) j'aime aussi de regerder la TV sur tout les films d'anglais mes films préférés si Augstrash.Ergon.harry potter.twilghit.Isi life mein......mon articl scolaire préfére si phisique . mon music préférés (one direction,.....)

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  •  Some times i feel like i'm never going to forgive my father for all the things that he do to us hes says to us a bad words when he's mad like my mum he call her be.. and others lie that that makes me hate him i don't talk to him eccepte when i need some thing like money or something like that but i can hate him because he did a lote for us and of caurs i can't forgget all of those amazing things that he did i don't know who is he any more but he's my father at any way 

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  • 24/02/2014

     Today i was with my friend haveing fun outsid and when i comeback home i found that my old sis was sick we took her to the hospital she needed to oxygen and she cound cntrol her hand and also her feet i was there holding her hand and trying to make her think about some thing als anyway . we found thre my aunt's daughter she work's there i didn't saw her from a very long time that because we don't talk to them even when her mother died we didn't go to visit them (famly problems) but if she wasn't there we certainly can't get into the hospital because the doctor was absent so . anyway my sis now is more better and . yeah thank you God 

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  • I made this today for my friend Billel who is going to get married and i'm so happy for him he was always telling me that he's so exiting to found this girl who he's goning to spend his rest of his life with her and now i'm so happy that he finly found her so from my small heart i'm saying "Congratulations" ♥♥♥ 

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  •  HI. i made this today in polyvore because i want to make cute pic about the beach and haveing fun so i hope you guys like it (tomorrow i'm going inchaALAh with my friend to the beach so it's gonna be super fun ♥ ) MAKE THE BEST OF EVERYDAY BECAUSE TOMORROW THE WORLD COUD BE DIFFERENT ♥♥♥♥♥

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